Vinyl FAQs

What type of Vinyl do you use?

TeePee Designs uses Avery Sign Writing and Car Wrapping vinyl for adhesive decals and a combination of Siser and Thermoflex HTV for iron-on projects.

Standard - Smooth gloss finish. Using Avery Dennison 700 70 micron gloss monomeric vinyl with a permanent adhesive.

Ultra ShineA very fine almost-glitter finish. The Ultra Shine is a luxurious gloss with just a hint of bling. Ultra shine is a top quality supreme car wrapping vinyl, ultra thin, shiny and the highest grade available.

Glitter - Sparkly true glitter smooth shiny finish. Smooth and with great shine the premium vinyl glitter colours are highest quality supreme car wrapping vinyl, thin, easy to apply and an absolutely beautiful glittery finish.

Mirror Foil - Available in Holographic Silver and Rose Gold these vinyls are reflective and have a mirror-like finish. This vinyl is prone to scratching and more difficult to apply (patience is needed) but the effect is bling bling bling!

HTV - Heat Transfer Vinyl is used for all DIY Iron-On decals and clothing products. HTV is a heat and pressure sensitive vinyl that adheres to fabric securely and permanently with proper care.

Can I put my vinyl sticker in the dishwasher and microwave?

Microwave absolutely not! As for the dishwasher it is not recommended, however with due care on a low temperature most vinyl decals will survive a few washes, it will not last as long though.

I bought a decal, how do I apply it?

First make sure you have prepped your surface ensuring it is smooth, clean and dry. Alcohol is an excellent cleaner (vodka will work brilliantly, or any alcohol based cleaned).

Depending on the decal type it may come with transfer tape layered on top (clear contact looking tape) or with the tape provided separately. The key to transferring your decal is to peel the backing paper (white or blue) away from the decal leaving it stuck to the transfer tape. Apply the entire decal and transfer tape to your surface and smooth down to remove any bubbles and ensure a good seal.

Carefully pull the transfer tape away and voila! Wait at least 48 hours before exposing the decal to water, this gives it time to cure.

How do I apply the vinyl to my shirt?

The key is pressure! HTV Decals are attached to a sticky carrier sheet. Line this up on your project, place a sheet of parchment paper on top and press firmly with an iron or heat press at 150' (usually silk setting). Put all your weight into it and press on a very firm surface such as bench, table or floor. Never an ironing board.

Will the vinyl come off my shirt?

With careful use and good application your HTV shirt should last a long time. You should wait at least 24 hours before washing after application, turn the garment inside out before washing on a cold setting with a mild detergent. Do not dry clean, tumble dry or iron on the image.