Clash of Clans Logo Iron On
Clash of Clans Logo Iron On

Clash of Clans Logo Iron On

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These shapes are cut with Heat Transfer Vinyl. You will need an iron to apply this decal to your shirt, pillowcase, tote bag....well anything at all really. If you can iron it, you can apply an Iron On Decal to it.

The listing is for the Clash of Clans Logo

Small - approximately 12cm wide (as shown in picture for a pocket design)

Medium - approximately 15cm wide 

Large - approximately 20cm wide (across a tshirt)

Size is determined by approximate width 

A small selection of standard colours are offered. If you're looking for something specific or a glitter/foil style please drop me a line and I can give you a quote.


Your label has a shiny side and a matte side, you need to make sure the matte side is face down on the material.  Put your fabric on a firm surface (not ironing board). Heat your iron to the ‘silk’ setting, line label up on your fabric and cover with a piece of greaseproof paper. Press down on the label as firmly as you can (put all your weight into it) and count to 15. Take iron and greaseproof paper away and allow to cool briefly.  Once cooled down (but still warm) pull the clear plastic away very carefully. If your label hasn’t stuck properly replace the sheet and transfer paper and press again.

If your transfer is larger than your iron do half the pressing but do not remove the clear plastic top sheet until complete. Cover the section (or any part of the material you don’t want heated with a damp chux or similar and press the next piece. You can also cut around designs to do the ironing in smaller pieces. If you iron on a piece of the transfer after taking off the plastic it may stick to your iron. Don’t remove the top plastic layer till you have finished pressing.


If there are scorch marks on your garment you can remove these by using a damp (but not soaking) chux style cloth and ironing the area gently again (just iron the scorch marks with the wet cloth creating steam)

Do not wash the garment for at least 3 days after the decal has been applied and only wash on cool, inside out and don’t iron the transfer.

Holographic, chrome, confetti and Shimmer vinyls will not adhere well to any surface that is not firm/smooth. This includes soft surface plastics like, Tupperware Sandwich keepers, Montiico drink bottles and flexible seal lunches.